We’ll give your finances direction.

The €CO FUNDS platform is a way for investors to find and quickly evaluate real estate and development projects.

It continues to be a trusted source of funding for people in the property development industry, with a focus on real estate development, both in the form of Build to Sell and Build to Rent.

Real estate is one of the safest assets to own. It is extremely inflation-proof and its price rarely falls.

Our background 

We are a group of people recruited from real estate development, international business and corporate companies. Thus, we understand the complexities of networking and deal credibility. We therefore strive to create a safe environment for investors and meet their expectations.

Development Practice

Development practice in the construction area represents the opportunity to acquire real estate assets and create attractive annual margins from 15% to 50%.

The real estate’s value is generally defined by the market and the demand in the specific location. When the acquisition happens and the construction starts, it is possible to appraise your investment significantly and simultaneously have an entrylevel investment secured with already-bought real estate.

Real Estate for Living

Properties for living represent the collection of investments into flats, houses and apartment buildings. The target audience is primarily middleincome clients who buy real estate for personal use.

Reacreational Real Estate

Recreational real estate represents a significantly lucrative market within the real estate development business. They are properties for recreation where you have fun, relax and enjoy the beauty of mother nature, such as summer apartments, cottages, summer houses, camps and hotels. Middle-upper class people usually
acquire these properties, altghough almost everyone desires such real estate.

Commercial Real Esate

This represents real estates built for business purposes, such as offices, industrial halls or manufacturing constructions. These are mostly more significant investments. With those investments, it is crucial to closely contemplate .current and future economical sitiation.

Interested in investing?

Interested in investing?

Máte zájem investovat?

Máte zájem investovat?