Here we present the basic timeline of investment in projects and common important project milestones from the very beginning to its very end.

Project Acquisition

It represents the project acquisition process.


The study is a basic document
showing how the project
should look and how much
mass can be built in the given

Documentation for Zoning decision (UR) + Zoning decision.

It represents basic documentation without professions which is created on the basis of the study. This documentation is subsequently approved primarily by the Department of Regional Planning + the Building Authority, which issues initial approval for the project, etc.

Documentation for Building Permit.

It represents a set of project documentation submitted to obtain the opinions of the authorities concerned and the subsequent obtaining of a building permit.

Obtaining a Building Permit

It represents a critical moment in the project when construction can begin. At the same time, it is also possible to start selling units in the project at this point.

Rough Construction

It represents the completion of the rough perimeter walls and underground parts of the building. To complete this part of the work, there is usually an option to register the building in the cadastre and allow clients to draw their loans for the acquisition of the given property.

Client Changes

They represent the client’s requirements for specific changes in the project compared to the designed state. Client changes usually apply to other surfaces or end elements. They are often subject to additional valuation.

Completion of the Work

Completion of the work represents the moment of its completion in such a way that the work is free from defects and unfinished works preventing its use.

0 - 6
Project aqusition
0 - 6 months
Most of the time is usually used for the basic inspection of the land (building) to see if it is possible to implement the plan on it and for the preparation of purchase contracts.
0 - 6
6 - 11 months
There is a process of preparing the study by the architectural office, which is consulted with the developer so that it meets the requirements of the developer and the market.
Documentation for zoning decision
11 - 14 months
Creation of documentation for zoning decisions, and submission of documentation for comments to the department of spatial planning and the building authority. There may be delays in this part due to additional requirements of the authorities
Documentation for building permit
14 - 17 months
It presupposes the creation of the final documentation, which will be submitted to the office authority and on the basis of which a building permit is requested for the given building (project).
Obtaining opinions from the authority + issuing a building permit
18 - 24 months
It represents the process when the documentation is ready and submitted for comment to the relevant state administration bodies (electricity, police, fire brigade), who will provide their opinion within 30 days - the documentation may be modified. Subsequent documentation with positive opinions is submitted to the Building Office.
Rough construction and the start of sales
25 - 33 months
Start of construction of the project where the rough structure is being built, which represents an important milestone of the project. With the issued building permit, the process of selling to future clients with whom a reservation contract and a future contract are signed is also usually started.
Completion of the project - handover to clients.
33 - 48 months
It represents the end, the time when the project is fully completed and handed over to the clients for use.

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