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Over time we endeavour to expand and spread our activities to more countries where we are searching and evaluating projects and connecting to new local developers.

Czech Republic
Here we are home. The whole group originated and grew in the Czech Republic, where we currently have the most projects we can offer and evaluate for you.

Croatia is a dynamically developing region, which will, from 1.1.2023, transfer to the Euro and enter the Schengen area. We like to offer you projects like the construction of seaside villas, hotels, camps and recreational apartments, which will represent a significant cut in the Croatian market.

The Slovakian market is closely connected with the Czech market. It poses an interesting environment for investments.

Ukraine probably represents the most lucrative market in the near future in the framework of post-war renovations. Already today, we are slowly starting to register projects. It is not particularly a highly stabilized location; however, on the other side, it can offer the possibility of very attractive profits for braver investors.

Italy is a stable long-term market that still offers many business opportunities.

Interested in investing?

Máte zájem investovat?

Máte zájem investovat?